Interactive Scenario Training

Realistic Scenario Training with one of our qualified instructors

Interactive Scenario Training

Hone your skills in a fun and safe setting. Our Interactive Scenario Training is realistic training for law enforcement and citizens who exercise their 2nd Amendment right to legally carry a concealed firearm. Practice with moving targets in real life scenarios.

Are you prepared?

Are you prepared for a situation that is fluid, rapidly evolving with an extreme possibility of becoming violent? F.I.R.S.T. Shot provides realistic, interactive training that simulates how an armed encounter can escalate or deescalate in a matter of seconds.

In our Interactive Scenario Training you will interact in a virtual scenario controlled by one of our expert instructors. You will experience training exercises such as shoot/don't shoot scenarios and your instructor will offer tips for proper technique, deescalation, and making split-second decisions.

Our instructors are highly experienced, professional marksmen

Our lead instructor is certified by the NRA and Illinois State Police and has over 28 years of Law Enforcement experience with extensive tactical firearms training.

We welcome all levels of experience:

  • First Time Shooters - First time shooters including new firearm concealed-carry permit holders, and kids who’ve been inspired by video games or movies, or those that are getting involved in the hunting sports. This is a safe and comfortable way to practice and develop your skills.
  • Young Shooters - F.I.R.S.T. Shot is a fun and safe way to introduce proper shooting techniques and gun handling to young people.
  • Women Shooters - Women are the fastest-growing segment as buyers of personal protection devices. Sharpen your skills or receive personal instruction.
  • Experienced & Competitive Shooters - Keep your skills sharp and on target! We offer target practice, timed shooting, and skill building scenarios.
  • Hunting Enthusiasts - Looking for year-round indoor target practice that simulates the actual hunting experience? Look no further. F.I.R.S.T. Shot offers virtual hunting experiences to scratch that itch until hunting season comes back around again.

We offer a safe, climate controlled environment that is an inexpensive way to hone your shooting skills, or learn the basics.

Interactive Scenario Training is offered Monday - Thursday and can be booked with our instructor online.

Weekend and evening hours are available upon request. Please call us at 219-515-2197 if you would like to schedule an "after hours" appointment.


Upcoming Classes

Illinois Concealed Carry Certification Class

January 27th & 28th  2018  

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Call 219-515-2197 to register or for More information


NRA Basic Pistol Course (8 Hours)

January 21st, 2018

8:00 - 4:00

Call 219-515-2197 to register or for More information


Why Virtual Shooting?

  • - Trigger times mean better shooting.

  • - Practice your shooting with realistic scenarios, regardless of the weather.

  • - It is a safe way to shoot. Our simulators can train anyone with shoot/don't shoot scenarios.

  • - Cost effective alternative to real ammo and range fees.

  • - Paper targets don't move. Paper targets don't attack.

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Our Hours

Monday - Saturday
9:00am - 5:00pm

Evening Hours Available by Appointment

Closed Sunday

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